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Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

We seek to help athletes, weekend warriors, and the health-conscious general public recover from activity and restore their bodies to a level of optimal health and performance.

Women with curly dark hair, enjoying the benefits of light therapy in Denver.
Recover, Restore, Renew

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Infrared Light Therapy in Denver. Light Lounge

Rejuvenate Your Body

Light Lounge uses medical–grade and FDA–listed devices that research has shown are effective in treating a variety of clinical and non–clinical conditions. Light therapy operates at the cellular level, reducing inflammation, strengthening damaged tissue and promoting healing.

Pain Management Specialist in Denver. Light Lounge

Pain Management

Light therapy has shown to be effective in treating body pains like back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and more. It can also be used to relieve and manage pain from conditions and health issues ranging from arthritis to neuropathy.

Broadband Light Therapy in Denver. Light Lounge


Light therapy improves health on a cellular level by tackling inflammation and oxidative stress that negatively affects our bodies. Light therapy promotes healthy cell activity and growth.

Weight Loss

While researchers don’t completely understand how or why it works, light therapy has been proven to reduce circumference in the waist, hips and thighs. When paired with regular exercise, light therapy for weight loss is even more effective.

Light Lounge Denver 9+CO red light therapy beds, dark pods with red light.
Light Lounge

Light Therapy in Denver

Not all light therapy is created equal. Searching for light therapy in Denver may yield many options. Still, it’s essential to ensure you’re getting proper, medical-grade and FDA-approved methods that offer the best results.

Light Lounge is the superior choice for light therapy. Our medical-grade and FDA-listed devices have research-backed efficacy for various clinical and non-clinical conditions.

Learn more about light therapy, its benefits and the innovative and superior services and options from Light Lounge. Try a session today and experience the benefits of high-quality light therapy!

What is Light Therapy?

You may have heard of light therapy from its increased popularity in the beauty and wellness industry on social media. However, light therapy has been used for decades and is backed by more than 50 years of clinical and laboratory research with no documented side effects.

Though light therapy masks have seen an uptick in availability, these — and other at-home options — are no match for professional, thoroughly researched options.

Light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, is the intentional exposure to artificial light with the intention of treating medical disorders. It’s often referred to in the context of seasonal affective disorder or circadian rhythm disorders. However, light therapy has also been shown to help with decreasing inflammation and oxidative stress.

Additionally, more than 400 studies show that light therapy benefits damaged tissue, including skin conditions.

Light Lounge Denver 9+CO red light therapy beds, dark pods with red light.

Benefits of Light Therapy

Many studies and trials have been conducted to test the effectiveness of red light therapy for healing. These have demonstrated that red light therapy can be a positive aid, boosting recovery and healing for many patients. As a whole, these studies show that red light therapy promotes faster healing (often with less pain), as well as reduces inflammation and oxidative stress.

Inflammation and stress are often the underlying cause of many health issues. Since light therapy has been shown to help reduce inflammation, there are many conditions light therapy can help with. Some of these include:

A person laying sleeping, Light Lounge can improve sleep quality.

Improved Sleep Quality

Light Lounge Denver 9+CO light therapy can reduce inflammation and improve gut health.

Reduced Inflammation in the Stomach and Gastrointestinal Tract

Light Lounge offers relief for carpal tunnel pain with our patented beds.

Relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Happy brain in a human head, Light Lounge Denver 9+CO light therapy improves mental health.

Mental Health

A person running on a treadmill, {brand_name} can help recovery rate.

Athletic performance increase

A person getting a facial massage, Light Lounge therapy can improve you skins longevity.

Skin and dermatological benefits

Light Lounge can boost your hair growth starting at the roots.

Hair Growth

Light Lounge Denver 9+CO can improve your brain health with our light therapy in Denver.

Brain Health

Light Lounge Denver 9+CO can improve your cellular health.

Cellular Health

Elderly couple embracing outside in the fall, emjoying the benefits of red light therapy in Denver.

Light Therapy in Denver with Light Lounge

Unlike at-home options, the light therapy offered at Light Lounge Denver 9+CO is medical grade and performed with FDA-listed devices. Our mission is to help athletes, weekend warriors and the general public recover from activity and restore their bodies to optimal health.

Light Lounge offers multiple ways to experience the benefits of light therapy in Denver. Choose from our full-body session or handheld sessions. Each option is designed to target specific conditions and get the most benefit from each session.

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Hear From Our Customers

  • Chuck S.
    People need to give Red Light Therapy a shot. It may be what you have been missing.
  • Savannah V.
    Light Lounge Denver 9+CO is affordable, very clean, and family owned and operated! Light therapy is great for: - anti-aging - sports recovery - aches and pain-- proven as an opioid alternative! - helps with fine lines and wrinkles - heals acne and other skin conditions - aids in weight loss - promotes better quality sleep - boosts immune style - aids in focus and cognitive function - refreshens mood and combats depression By working on the cell level of your body and improving its function, red light therapy helps your body recover, restore, and renew more optimally. If you are interested in preventing disease and aging slower, try medical-grade light therapy from Light Lounge Denver 9+CO! The light pod L3 has patent-pending technology is the best full-body light pod in the world. Nothing compares.
  • Mary T.
    Light Lounge Denver 9+CO went above and beyond to answer all of my questions regarding light therapy. I had never heard of light therapy before and to be honest, it sounded too good to be true. I had thought, how could light do SO MUCH? Savannah was very knowledgeable was was able to answer every question I had-- and I had a lot of questions! I ended up telling my family and friends about it and they are excited to try it, too. I've had red light therapy before when I've had facials, but it didn't compare to my experience here. For starters, I am not sure if the spa I went to used medical-grade LEDs, but at Light Lounge their laser technology is medical-grade. Their light pod has patent-pending technology and is as close to a handheld laser as you can get. It's also FDA-listed. Second, this was a FULL-BODY light pod. When I got my facial, it only targeted my face. At Light Lounge, not only did it target my face but it targeted EVERY PART OF MY BODY! That means the skin on my neck, chest and knees that show signs of aging are also going to improve. The session was quick and only took about 15 minutes. I love it so much!
  • Savannah V.
    The experience of light therapy at Light Lounge Denver 9+CO is very relaxing. Light therapy is a safe, non-invasive, and extremely effective way to heal your body from the inside out. One of the reasons Light Lounge Denver 9+CO is different is because of the L3 full-body light pod. This light pod is different than any light pod in the world. It has over 50 customized protocols to target specific health and wellness goals-- all with medical-grade LEDs! Some of my favorite protocols include: inflammation, better sleep, happiness, skin health, and maximum output. There's even a protocol for your wedding night, spa day or for a hangover. Light therapy is one of my favorite ways to recover. I notice an improvement in my day-to-day life when I'm consistent using light therapy. P.S. my skin glows and my hair is growing like crazy!
  • Ali D.
    Wow, never done this before and it was very cool! The benefits are amazing and you can’t beat a free intro session. Gunnar was great and so helpful. Loved it, 10/10. 😍
  • Michael V.
    Medical grade red light therapy will improve your life. My results at 65 years old are, my golf game is the best in years as it’s reduced inflammation and made my turn back way deeper, increased club head speed 10 mph minimum. . Accuracy way better too with a good turn. It has stopped my use of Advil in order to play. That’s a great story in itself. Saves the kidneys It also has at the minimum stopped my hair loss if not grown some. My skin has not aged since I started 2 1/2 years ago. I’ve lost 15 pounds and energy is better than 5 years ago. My gym workouts are better and recovery is so much faster than it was prior.I’ve increased my weights by at least 10% and reps by 20% while getting older. It also helps with sexual performance. If this were a drug people couldn’t get enough of it. For me the longer I do it the more results I’s not an overnight sensation. The results come over time and as anything one needs to be consistent using.The 9- co Light Lounge location is so clean and relaxing
  • Tyler H.
    Great people and great service.
  • Ken A.
    Effective inflammation treatment
  • Kalea I.
    Clean studio and very friendly staff!! Have loved the benefits of my red light therapy as well! Highly recommend!!
  • Karl W.
    Been going to this location for over a month and it's outstanding! Great service, very professional and I walk out of there every time feeling like a new man! Thanks!
  • Rocky D.
    Amazing results already! I’m a hairdresser and I suffer from constant back pain; I’m already feeling so much better! Savannah was so accommodating. Go check it out!!
  • Callie R.
    If you’re looking for a place to start your red light therapy journey then start here! The staff is knowledgeable and helps you to understand the benefits of red light therapy and how it can help you!
  • Dylan N.
    Amazing experience! Red light therapy has completely changed my life! Light lounge has the best red light therapy beds there is and has helped my health benefits in so many ways. My skin, hair, and inflammation from soreness has all been improved thanks to it. As a professional athlete it has helped my training tremendously. Also just my normal day of living as well. Gunner was very helpful and has gone above and beyond in helping me out! Highly recommend for all ages who are looking to improve their health all around!
  • Abby P.
    This place does wonders for the body and the soul! If you’re looking for a healing and rejuvenating experience, this place is amazing. And a bonus that the staff is friendly and very informative!
  • Julie R.
    I was so excited to learn about this new business! The possibility of reducing (or minimizing) my joint pain without harmful drugs or surgery is what I have been searching for. The overall health benefits and the science behind the technology assure me that I made the right decision with the package I chose! The people are super friendly and helpful!
  • Deidra S.
    Red light therapy is an amazing experience. The benefits range from pain therapy, improved skin health and extra energy. Looking forward to seeing and feeling the results!!
  • Lisa D.
    Very clean and friendly staff! Will continue going to this one!
  • Christine R.
    Savanna was super helpful! The lounge was very clean, new and easy parking in the parking garage next-door. Enjoyed the session and I will be back for more!
  • Keenan T.
    I absolutely I love red light therapy I suggest come try it.
  • Winona B.
    I tried it and loved it. Savannah was knowledgeable and patiently explained what to expect. The facility was clean, relaxing and a welcoming environment. I felt benefits from the very first treatment. Parking is easy. There was no downside.
Light Lounge Denver 9+CO

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