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Light Lounge Denver - 9th&Co is coming soon

The Secret to
Natural Pain Relief in Denver

Light therapy is FDA listed and clinically proven to alleviate chronic pain and help restore the body.

Light Lounge Denver - 9th&Co

Grand Opening In June 2023!

950 Colorado Blvd

Denver, CO

Directions 720-779-1908
Light Lounge Denver - 9th&Co
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Only available at the time of a new location launch.
One-time payment of $7500, or we can provide Affirm financing. Lifetime memberships are calculated on a 7-year membership at $89, but customers must pay upfront.
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Prices start as low as $99/month for the first 25 people to sign up, and then our pre-launch membership discount will be $149/month. Our regular post-launch price is $199/month.
A refundable deposit of $100 will be required when reserving the charter membership.
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Receive a fantastic swag bag at our pre-launch event.

Pre-Launch Membership FAQs

Your deposit will be automatically refunded when you come for your complimentary session during our pre-launch event. You will forfeit your membership to someone on our waiting list. If you want to join later, you must participate at our $199 monthly rate.

That is fine. We will refund your $100 deposit and give your membership to someone on our waiting list. If any pre-launch members are lower than $199, we will offer them to you.

Your lifetime membership can be sold to one person or given to a family member when you leave. There are no refunds, pauses, or cancellations of a lifetime membership. Light Lounge will not help you sell your membership.

You can cancel any of these memberships after three months and give us a one-month cancellation notice. Please note that if you cancel a $99 or $149 membership and want to join back, you’ll need to purchase out $199 membership.

Yes. you can pause your membership for a small fee of $35 and a restart fee of $35. We ask that you only pause one time per year. We can make accommodations, but keep in mind that we offer our FDA-listed light pods at such a low rate we need your support to keep us in business.

Our lifetime memberships are calculated on a 7-year membership at $89, but customers must pay upfront. Lifetime memberships are only available at a new studio opening.

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Benefits of Red Light Therapy in Denver

Light Lounge Denver - 9th&Co uses medical-grade and FDA-listed devices that have research-backed efficacy for a variety of clinical and non-clinical conditions. Light therapy (Photobiomodulation) in Denver can decrease inflammation and oxidative stress and is backed by 50 years of clinical and laboratory research with no documented side-effects.

Science Has Demonstrated That

Denver Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation/PBM) Can:

Rejuvenate your body

Rejuvenate Your Body

Over 400 scientific studies show increased strength in damaged tissue—whether from skin conditions, muscle damage from hard workouts, and injuries.

Ease Pain

Ease Pain

Operating at the cellular level, light therapy and has been shown to treat the underlying issues and alleviate chronic pain including back, neck, shoulder, knee, nerve (neuropathic), and arthritis pain.

Reduce/Eliminate Need For Drugs

PBM can be a safe alternative to opioids, has no documented side effects, and can have lasting pain-relief

Air Quality Innovation in Light Lounge

Our air is sanitized for your protection with UV light.

Air Quality Innovation in Light Lounge

Our air is sanitized for your protection with UV light.

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Our Services

Light Lounge red light therapy beds in Denver.
Light Pod

Full-body Session

Our non-invasive medical-grade red light therapy in Denver is applied to the whole body. Using cutting edge software, we can create protocols that can help with specific conditions and ailments. Our Light Beds can assist in targeting multiple conditions at the same time. Treatments are rapid, lasting 8-12 minutes, and allow for self-service without the need of a technician.

Handheld Light Lounge laser device, book a red light therapy in Denver today.
Cold Lasers

Handheld Session

Light Lounge uses medical grade laser and LED devices to specifically target specific injuries and issues. Targeted Light Therapy can work in conjunction with whole-body Light Therapy to offer the best potential for treatment. Protocols are specific to a body part or condition and are provided by a certified therapist.

Recover, Restore, Renew

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Hear From Our Local Denver Customers

  • Roger S.
    Super friendly and responsive staff- always ready to assist in any appointments- as a trial membership client I was treated very well and plan on signing up for more sessions. Positive Results are noticeable after 6 sessions.
  • Peggy M.
    Addicted to feeling great!!! Doing pottery has inflamed my elbows and wrists and increased arthritis pain. Began light therapy almost 3 months ago, 3x a week! Amazing!!! Pain free!!
  • Wendy M.
    Everyone is very nice and helpful. I’ve seen great results in my hands as I could not use them even to snap my fingers. Most recently I suffered a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus. I have seen great results and can walk normally again without surgery. I will continue going as long as I can afford it.
  • Micah B.
    I look great after having the work that they did. Summer ready!!!!
  • Elise M.
    While I was skeptical of light therapy at first, I was shocked by the many benefits that it provided! Light Lounge offers treatment for a variety of issues you may have, I advise looking into it today!
  • Ethan R.
    Focus. It's what I need. The light lounge helps me with just that. Thanks!
  • teenie B.
    The service is amazing
  • Joshua M.
    Being in central north America it can be challenging to get the beach bum tan. But not with a place like this just around the corner!
  • Jake L.
    The best
  • Dewys D.
    Great service
  • Cherie P.
    Friendly, clean and helpful.
  • Becky A.
    Clean and friendly. Knowledgeable staff
  • teenie B.
  • David G.
    Absolutely amazing! Friendly staff, welcoming environment, and lots of options for both the pods & memberships. Can't wait to see the benefits stack up with consistency! Thank you guys!
  • tom G.
    Brandon very professional and knowledgeable. Made the experience a pleasure.
  • Gig B.
    Great staff! Nice studio
  • Brenna W.
    This is the second time I have visited the light lounge. I recall the first visit where I left with no pain. I can almost always find the pain in my low back but was unable to find it for a solid two week last time. I am a massage therapist and work my body pretty hard. I’m excited to see what the Light Lounge can do for me.
  • Karen U.
    Well, organized, friendly staff, very clean premises. Easy to get in for an appointment.
  • Caroline D.
    I loved the light pod! Gunner was very helpful in getting me set up my first time. It felt like taking a nap in the sun. It was the perfect pick me up on this cold dreary winter day! *edited for a name correction!*
  • C M.
    Not only does this help with inflammation in my knee but Brandon is THE BEST.
Light Lounge Denver - 9th&Co

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