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Find Calm & Connect amidst Stress & Isolation  with Jason Ryer

Find Calm & Connect amidst Stress & Isolation with Jason Ryer

The beginning of this year took us by surprise, changing the way we live our lives. The declaration of a pandemic has made an impact that will be remembered for generations to come. The pandemic has created a perfect setting for stress. A health crisis has doubled as an employment crisis. Millions of people lost jobs since the start of the year, and no state or industry has been left unscratched from the destructive wave unleashed. 

What's more, many of us are also faced with loneliness, depression, or even cognitive decline, caused by social distancing and self-isolation. A lot of folks live alone, and it's their social lives that help them feel less lonely and enough energized to handle any challenge in life. What can you do when your main source of energy - your family and friends - are not there to be with you? How do you deal with life? How do you deal with stress? 

Stress can't kill you. But the way you deal or don't with stress certainly can. What you can do in times of trouble is Calm & Connect. Get out on a sunny day. Spend time in nature. Breathe. Meditate. Exercise. Read a good book. Cook yourself a nice meal. Times are tough but only as tough as you allow them to be. This leads us to James Ryer's mission, who is reuniting people with nature, with a higher purpose to improve their health and wellbeing. 

James Ryer has worked internationally as a coach, educator, consultant, and tech entrepreneur. He is diving ever deeper into the world of biohacking, as a way to empower people to reach their super-human potential. 

Watch how you can improve your well-being with activities and exercises in our video with James below.

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