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Pain Management Specialists in Denver, CO

Studies have demonstrated light therapy’s effectiveness in decreasing inflammation, alleviating pain and accelerating healing — all without negative side effects.

A man getting into a dark pod with bright red light, contact Light Lounge today for your infrared light therapy in Denver.

Pain Management Specialist in Denver, CO

Promote wellness and healing through natural biological functions.

Pain management encompasses the diagnosis, treatment, and management of pain. It involves a multidisciplinary approach to relieve pain and improve the quality of life for those living with pain conditions, whether they are chronic (long-term) or acute (short-term).

While searching for pain management specialists in Denver, CO, consider red light therapy as an alternative. Unlike traditional methods, red light offers a non-invasive approach to pain management without the negative side effects.

By using medical-grade, FDA-listed devices, red light therapy at Light Lounge Denver 9+CO targets the root cause of pain – whether chronic or acute – by promoting cellular repair and reducing inflammation.

Light Lounge. Chronic Pain Treatment Center in Denver, CO

Inflammation Treatment

Studies have demonstrated light therapy’s effectiveness in decreasing inflammation, alleviating pain and accelerating healing — all without negative side effects.

Knee Pain Treatment in Denver. Light Lounge

Performance Increase

How does it work? Wavelengths red or near–infrared light are applied to the body, either a specific part or the whole body as needed. This light decreases oxidative stress at the cellular level, allowing cells to function better, produce more energy and repair damage at a cellular level, increasing your performance.

Denver MS Pain Management. Light Lounge

MS Pain Management

In many cases, MS treatments involve prescription medications that can help alleviate symptoms. However, some patients can and have found relief with Light Lounge. Learn how incorporating red light therapy into your Denver Multiple Sclerosis pain treatment plan can help you find relief from debilitating symptoms.

Opioid Alternative

Whether you’ve been experiencing pain from a recent injury or have dealt with chronic pain for years, light therapy may provide opioid-free pain relief and even help you heal. Stop searching for a pain management specialist in Denver, and make an appointment with Light Lounge today.

Pain Therapy

Back Pain Treatment in Denver, CO. Light Lounge

Back Pain Relief

Experience relief from chronic back pain with Light Lounge's cutting-edge red light therapy in Denver, CO. Our FDA-approved, medical-grade treatment promotes healing and reduces inflammation, offering a non-invasive and effective solution for managing back pain. Trust Light Lounge to guide you toward a life free from back pain and discomfort.

Light Therapy

Why Light Therapy

Light Therapy (or Photobiomodulation) is a non-invasive treatment that decreases oxidation, lowers inflammation, and helps your body stay healthy at the cellular level.

Clinically Proven

Over 500 clinical trials and over 4,000 laboratory studies have proven Light Therapy to be effective with no side effects. It can improve performance and heal tissues to treat the source of pain.

FDA Approved

Light Lounge™ uses only FDA approved medical grade light beds to ensure that you get the best treatment available on the market.

Common Pain Management Treatments

When considering pain relief treatment options, it’s important to weigh the benefits against the potential drawbacks. Traditional methods, while popular, come with a variety of challenges and side effects.

  • Medications: Medications range from non-prescription painkillers to powerful prescription opioids. They can be highly effective for managing pain in the short term. However, the risk of dependency and adverse reactions, such as gastrointestinal issues, cannot be overlooked. Over time, patients may develop a tolerance, necessitating higher doses for the same relief, thereby increasing the risk of side effects.
  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy focuses on improving physical function through exercises and treatments. It’s a cornerstone for rehabilitation from injuries or surgeries and for managing chronic conditions. The success of physical therapy heavily relies on the patient’s commitment and the specific nature of their condition. While it offers a non-pharmacological approach to pain management, the required time investment and delayed onset of benefits can be significant barriers for some individuals.
  • Injections: For targeted relief, injections such as corticosteroids are administered directly into the inflamed area. They can provide rapid and significant pain relief for conditions like arthritis, back pain, and more. However, the effects are often temporary, and repeated injections may be necessary. Furthermore, potential complications such as infection, tissue damage, and nerve injury make this option less appealing for long-term management.
Light Lounge Denver 9+CO offers an alternative for pain management specialists in Denver, CO - learn what you can expect with experts in red light therapy.

Rejuvenate With Light Lounge

Contact us today to learn more about infrared light therapy in Denver and how it can help rejuvenate your body!

Rejuvenate With Light Lounge

Contact us today to learn more about infrared light therapy in Denver and how it can help rejuvenate your body!

Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Pain Relief

Red light therapy redefines the pain management approach by using low-wavelength red, infrared, or near-infrared light. This advanced therapy leverages specific wavelengths to deeply penetrate tissues, initiating the body's intrinsic healing mechanisms. It addresses the underlying cause of pain and inflammation, fostering immediate relief and long-term health benefits.

Explore the advantages of red light therapy for pain relief, showcasing its non-invasive nature and compatibility with sustained usage.

Inflammation is the body's way of protecting itself when something harmful happens, like an injury or infection. On a cellular level, the body sends its immune cells to the injured or infected spot to start the healing process.

These immune cells release various signals that make the area swell up, become red, and sometimes hurt. This is the body telling us it’s working on fixing the problem. But if inflammation lingers too long, it can cause more harm than good and lead to other health issues.

Red light therapy (or photobiomodulation) helps calm this inflammation and gently reduce swelling. This is especially beneficial for conditions affecting the joints, brain, traumatic injuries, and lung issues.1

Think of red light therapy as a way to reach and energize your cells that need help, enabling them to perform better and recover quicker. This process causes the body to produce fewer signals that cause inflammation while increasing blood flow to the area.


Our body has built-in ways to control pain and help us heal. Endorphins, sometimes called the body’s “feel-good” hormones, are neurotransmitters that act as natural painkillers. These and other anti-inflammatory proteins work together to lessen pain and start healing after injury or stress.

Red light therapy is recognized for its ability to stimulate the body’s production of these natural pain-relieving compounds. By penetrating the skin and reaching the cells beneath, red light therapy works at a cellular level to enhance mitochondrial function.

This process leads to a higher production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a crucial energy source for various cellular functions and a key player in controlling the release of neurotransmitters like endorphins.2,3 This increase in ATP supports the body’s energy needs and helps in the natural management of pain and inflammation, facilitating a healthier, more efficient healing process.


Blood flow and getting enough oxygen to our body’s cells are vital to staying healthy. Good circulation allows blood to carry oxygen and essential nutrients to every part of our body, helping our organs and cells work well.

Oxygen is especially important because our cells need it to make energy from the food we eat. So, for our body to function properly, recover quickly from injuries, and keep our immune system strong, we must ensure good blood flow and oxygen supply to our tissues.

Oxidative stress disrupts tissue oxygenation by damaging cells and blood vessels, slowing the healing process. Red light therapy has been shown to up-regulate antioxidant defenses and reduce oxidative stress.4 This means tissues get healthier and the body can heal faster, showing how effective red light therapy can be in supporting healing and pain relief.


Muscle tension and stiffness can negatively impact our daily lives, originating from various factors such as excessive stress, physical overuse, poor posture, or underlying health conditions. These issues can cause discomfort, hinder mobility, and escalate stress and anxiety levels. Without proper attention, they may evolve into chronic pain, complicating routine activities and limiting physical activity.

Extensive research, including a notable study from 2016, has explored the benefits of red light therapy on muscle tissue. Findings suggest that using red or near-infrared light before and after physical exertion can enhance athletic performance while reducing muscle inflammation and oxidative stress.5

This increased biostimulation may quicken the body’s recovery, ease muscle and joint stiffness, alleviate mild arthritic discomfort, and promote muscle relaxation.

A woman standing in red light - learn about the alternative that Light Lounge brings if you are looking for pain management specialist in Denver, CO.

Why Light Lounge

Looking for a pain management specialist in Denver, CO, brings you one step closer to finding relief. At Light Lounge, we offer an alternative treatment designed to help you find comfort in your daily life.

Our team is trained to give you a comfortable and effective treatment experience, helping you through your journey to manage pain. Our services stand out because we personalize our red light therapy sessions to fit your needs, whether you need a full-body treatment or targeted relief.

We’re dedicated to supporting your health and well-being with our specialized services. Book your first session free and find out how our red light therapy can make a difference for you.

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Hear From Our Customers

  • Claudia M.
    Super excited to be a member at Light Lounge - I have been researching the benefits of red light but had not yet found a way try it affordably. Light Lounge Denver is clean, has high-quality red light beds and, for me, checks even more boxes as it's owned and run by a family who are wonderfully welcoming and helpful. I have thus far been in a handful of times and I SOOO look forward to my sessions, relaxing and healing and I swear I am starting to notice a slight improvement in muscle soreness. I highly encourage anyone who is curious about red light to pay a visit to Light Lounge Denver and give it a try. Membership is affordable and with the added bonus of after-hours access for members - very convenient no matter your schedule. Go see Savannah and Gunnar - they will take good care of you!
  • Michael D.
    What's important to you? For me, it has always been my health. Prime example is that in 1997 I, my restaurant Health Emporium was featured on World News Tonight for being one of the first fully exclusive "Organic Restaurants," in the U.S. Whereas, heretofore and literally always working 60+ hours a week since 19, maintaining my health in all phases has been of most importance. Insomuch, and not withstanding, having TBI, courtesy of ACDC (MFS), having been hit by a car while jogging; then dragging my left leg home 4.5 miles (didn't carry phone, don't still), as well as breathing Radon and other gases per SAPSS of Adams county most would be dead. I have stories per the aforementioned. One of the other things that is important to me, and goes back to me being an Executive Chef of legitimate 4 Star 4 Diamond restaurant's at 23, is supporting local businesses. 8th June ready too take my body through the next phases, I signed up with Savannah locally owned "Light Lounge," on 8th and Colorado Blvd. They are working with NFL players per TBI, inflammation, those as myself who have Chronic Pain, Migraines, Cluster Headaches etc... this list can go on :( Nevertheless, Savannah along with Dave met me at the front door with positive energy and knowledge. Savannah walked me through the stages of "Red Light Therapy," what would be best, and besides the Radon how to overcome the other Traumas I've had to endure per the SAPSS. 15:00 minutes is the average time per session. Again, having documented TBI, I am very light sensitive. In which they had to types of glasses for reduction of light, I didn't need them. After my session, Savannah, Dave (PT, as my daughter R), spoke a bit about the many traumas inflicting me. This is what separates locally owned from chains, customer service! Literally Dave took us to the back where they had other machines for trauma. I don't remember the name, but Dave set me up with a large vibration machine. Knowing I've had 6+ surgeries on my left leg, he begun to break my tension up in my legs. I cannot give enough kudos to the Very Exceptional Experience and knowledge that Savannah and Dave shared with, and executed on me. Many know my thoughts on the Universe, per Conciousness, Energy and Vibrations. Thus, the way that I feel today, I would mist definitely Recommend Light Lounge on Colorado Blvd, if you are experiencing almost any type of Trauma, PTSD, have anxiety or just need to rejuvenate your skin. Please tell Savannah, and Dave that I (Michael Diluviaria) recommended you, in apt for a even better experience. Call Savannah between Monday and Saturday to book your 1st, of many appointments. Let's get healthy as a community. Blessings Michael D.
  • Joseph D.
    Light Lounge Denver is next level when it comes to technology, education, and experience. Gunner and Savannah are authentic, knowledgeable, and personable with their business. You can tell it’s family owned and operated because of how much care they have for their clients. There is no upselling, just a pure joy to help people feel better, manage their pain/ stress/ inflammation, and overall wellbeing. I came everyday while I was visiting Denver and I would definitely make it back the next time I’m in town. I’m pretty familiar with red light therapy, but I had never seen a business be so focused to providing access to top tier next level technology (that even I didn’t know about) at such an affordable price point. One of the most beautiful parts of my experience at Light Lounge was seeing the older cliental using light therapy, and hearing their genuine appreciation and success after their treatments. I came to Denver from Canada for very intensive and physically painful bodywork rehabilitation at Milo Bodywork & Thai Massage, and I couldn’t have had all the success from my appointments without Light Lounge’s help! Give them a shot and you won’t regret it. Gunner and Savannah were extremely kind to let me demo a new technology they were working with, which I forgot the name of! It was something like an industrial Theragun, but 1000% better and more advanced. Hopefully they can add the name in the comments. Thanks again!
  • Michael T.
    Savannah gave an excellent description of the equipment and services offered. She was very professional and knowledgeable. The Light Pod used for the treatment was spacious and very well made. My first treatment was surprisingly effective and very relaxing. My wife also had a treatment and expressed similar comments about the treatment and its effectiveness. We both highly recommend the treatment !
  • Lynn H.
    Great first visit!
  • Harmony H.
    I just finished my three day trial and am very impressed! I can't wait to add this to my self-care/healing routine. The communication with Gunner was great and the space is gorgeous & clean. I also love the option to enter outside of hours with your membership. I go to the gym around the corner so this will be a great back to back experience!
  • Ignacio M.
    Feeling a lot better after my first session. Inflammation went down and i can move more freely. I will be coming regularly. thank you
  • Arthur S.
    Red light therapy is amazing for recovery. Light Lounge is the only place I will go to in Denver for red light therapy. No other place compares. Savannah is incredible.
  • Madelline G.
    I had such a great first experience at light lounge 9+co! Savannah at the front desk was so knowledgeable, and the whole session was relaxing and easy for a first-timer! Can’t wait to go back!
  • Pam N.
    Savannah and Gunner are very welcoming and the space is very clean and serene.
  • Theo P.
    Second to none client service that was not only super friendly but was professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. The atmosphere was more like a spa than a treatment facility. Every part of my experience was very comfortable and easy. I’m very very pleased and will be returning soon & telling everyone to give it a try!
  • clay D.
    Light lounge is a great place to receive RLT. Very clean, organized and well run business. If you’re unsure of the benefits of red light therapy, please research it and you’ll be amazed of the positive aspects. Better than researching though, try it out and you’ll see and feel why it’s so popular.
  • Esaias G.
    The Light Lounge is a great place for anyone just looking to recover their body. Going to the Lounge was a Euphoric experience. It put me into a meditative relax mindset, so that I had the ability to heal with the red light therapy. 100% recommend if you’re serious about taking your mental and physical self to the next level.
  • Joseph V.
    Really amazing red light therapy beds! Going there makes you feel youthful and rejuvenated. Staff is super helpful and place is really clean. Highly recommend.
  • Nicole S.
    Obsessed with the benefits of red light therapy & no one does it better than Light Lounge.
  • Brian S.
    The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. The individual treatment rooms are relaxing and provide total privacy. Most of all the infrared light therapy really works.
  • K&D .
    Light Lounge is the best. I have severe neuropathic pain in my upper body and Gunner’s handheld red light device treatments have been extremely helpful in reducing the inflammation causing the pain. The treatments are painless, cost effective and noninvasive, and have lessened my pain by 80%. Try it, you will like it!
  • Sara J.
    I'm loving the Light Lounge! I've only been twice but feel the effects (more energy, clarity) and believe they will compound. There's a ton of research on all the benefits of red light therapy and I'm hoping it will clear up some long covid issues I'm having. The owners are super friendly and helpful, the place is clean (unlike other places I've tried) and the 24/7 access is fantastic. Give it a try-the first visit is free!
  • Jacob H.
    Love this place!! Great staff and very clean facility. As an athlete, their product is crucial to my recovery to keep me performing at my best. Will keep going back
  • Emily L.
    Such a lovely experience!! Their red light is unlike anything Ive tried before, highly recommend

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