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Enhance Immune Function Simply & For Life with Paul Barattiero

Enhance Immune Function Simply & For Life with Paul Barattiero

Paul Barattiero's talk focuses on the relationship between EMFs and headaches. The modern household has many sources of EMF, including your microwave, cell phone, TV and radio. So, are these possibly the source of your recurring headaches? Possibly, yes! What's more, EMF can cause a number of other health issues in your body. 

We're only beginning to understand the full extent of EMF on the human body. But for instance, EMFs have been associated with cancer by the World Health Organisation already in 2011.

At Light Lounge; we offer several products that can protect your home from dangerous forms of EMFs. Our 5G protection gadgets are designed to protect your home from electromagnetic radiation. The palette of products in our shop includes the Qi Home, Qi Me, and Qi Shield - all three of which generate a field of vital energy, enhancing the air quality inside any room, and protecting you and your family against harmful waves emitted from mobile (and smart) devices and electric smog. Learn more about 5G protection at the Light Lounge™ blog where we also cover this topic.

Staying safe from EMF - and from headaches - also means managing any excess oxidative stress in your body. There's a mountain of research that demonstrates how oxidative stress accumulation can lead to various diseases. One solution that can help you reduce oxidative stress is molecular hydrogen H2, which you can consume through hydrogen-rich water. Learn how H2 water is made in our talk with Paul below, and check our shop to see our assortment of ECHO products which are also designed to boost your health.


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