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Light Lounge is the pain management physician in Evergreen you need.

Video Testimonials

Why Light Lounge

Light therapy is a research-backed option for various clinical and non-clinical conditions. Hear from real Light Lounge customers who have achieved pain relief and other benefits using our state-of-the-art technology in Evergreen.

Lisa - "My pain is gone from a ski accident."

"The Light Lounge has been my savior. I had a bad ski accident about two years ago and I wasn't healing well. By the 5th session the pain was gone."

Cathy - "More energy, more clarity."

"I was referred to Light Lounge by my physical therapist, I would absolutely recommend this to family and friends."

Gerda - "My joint pain is gone."

"I have been coming to Light Lounge almost every day for two years. The joint pain I used to get in my shoulders is gone."

Ann - "I had immediate results."

"I have had issues with my blood pressure for a little over two years. It comes down for about 3 days after I have been to Light Lounge."

Jane - "I no longer have to rely on pain medication."

"In the last year and a half I have had two knee replacement surgeries on the same knee. I had been frustrated with my pain and recovery, that's when I found Light Lounge. I no longer have to strongly rely on my opioid medication."

Light Lounge Evergreen red light therapy beds, dark pods with red light.

Evergreen Pain Management Physician

Why Light Lounge

With chronic pain affecting a significant portion of US adults, alternatives to traditional pain management have been on the rise. Light Lounge in Evergreen is proud to offer light therapy using medical-grade and FDA-listed devices.

Our whole body and handheld sessions can target specific areas and provide a pain- and side-effect-free treatment to reduce inflammation. Light therapy is a research-backed option for various clinical and non-clinical conditions. By using red and near-infrared light to target inflammation and oxidative stress, chronic pain can be treated with no side effects.

Light Lounge offers a premier option for individuals seeking a pain management physician in Evergreen. Our state-of-the-art technology and full-body or handheld sessions can be tailored to your needs with our various package and subscription options.

Chronic pain can be treated without potentially addictive drugs or time-consuming therapies. Find out if light therapy is the solution for you, and book an appointment today!

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More Reviews From Our Customers

tom greshko
Brandon very professional and knowledgeable. Made the experience a pleasure.
Gig Blitz
Great staff! Nice studio
Brenna Witt
This is the second time I have visited the light lounge. I recall the first visit where I left with no pain. I can almost always find the pain in my low back but was unable to find it for a solid two week last time. I am a massage therapist and work my body pretty hard. I’m excited to see what the Light Lounge can do for me.
Blaire Hammond
The lounge is very bright and clean. The light pod is easy to use. The clinicians are professional and very knowledgeable. They ate always ready to answer questions. Ive used the pod and hand held and I’m feeling some improvement in a couple of weeks.
Scott Merritt
Awesome place that should be talked about more! They are great people too! Go give it a try.
Sunshine O'Brien
I am so excited about the opening of a Light Lounge so close to home! I’ve been to a few of these places and this one is by far the nicest space I’ve seen. I feel so rejuvenated and relaxed after each session while healing by body from past injuries in only a matter of twenty minutes. Sounds crazy but it works. The owners, Dan and Laura are also the coolest people, I’m super excited to see their smiling faces when I walk through the door! Thank you!!
pj doran
Great atmosphere. I feel better every visit. Thank you!!
Karen Updegrove-Peek
Well, organized, friendly staff, very clean premises. Easy to get in for an appointment.
Caroline “Carly” Dziubla
I loved the light pod! Gunner was very helpful in getting me set up my first time. It felt like taking a nap in the sun. It was the perfect pick me up on this cold dreary winter day! *edited for a name correction!*
Not only does this help with inflammation in my knee but Brandon is THE BEST.
Ivette Flower
I love the atmosphere at the Light Lounge! The staff is friendly and I feel rejuvenated after every session.
Leann Swain
The lounge was very clean and well-equipped. The manager was super friendly and gave clear instructions on using the lounge.
Debbi MacLeod
PLEASE MAKE SURE MY LAST NAME IS CHANGED TO JUST M. I was dealing with systemic inflammation that was quite bad. This began to change after a couple of months and now I can safely say it is now under control. I attribute this to my sessions in the Light Pod. The folks there are great and the place is calm and clean. I am grateful to have found Light Lounge.
Denisa Ronzani
Amazing place, service and experience. Would recommend 💯.
Peggy Donegan
I have arthritis in all my joints & am bone-on-bone in my knees & hips & ruptured discs in lower back. Have tried MANY different therapies & procedures with little to no relief. Just started light therapy a week ago and am already getting some relief (after just 3 sessions). I will definitely keep going. The staff and owners are very supportive and knowledgeable. And the clinic is spotless. Hopefully I'll be walking without a cane soon! I'm so happy I found them!!
jeff sprout
Fantastic service and the red light therapy really helped my tendonitis.
Tom Kletzker
The Light Lounge is a fantastic place and it has provided so many benefits to my health and well-being. Highly recommend
Brad Homan
My visit to Light Lounge was more than I expected. The facility is spotless and welcoming. Everyone was helpful and ready to share a wealth of knowledge and research about the benefits of red light therapy. I will be back.
Linda Baumgartel
Red Light therapy is an amazing therapy. I started coming to Light Lounge for inflammation and I feel so much better! It also smoothes skin. Look up the many benefits of red light therapy! The owners and staff are so caring and helpful. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to get refreshed!
Judy Colgan
I have been going to Light Lounge for a few months and feel it has been very beneficial. Dan and Laura are very caring and really want you to achieve optimal health benefits. Give it a try, I think it’s great!
Valerie Homan
I love Littleton Light Lounge and Red Light Therapy! I have learned so much about the health benefits of red light since joining in August, and have seen & felt positive changes in myself. Some of the things I've noticed the most are reduced inflammation, better circulation, decreased anxiety, better sleep, less depression, and overall just feeling healthier. Thank you Dan n Laura for opening this business and giving others the chance to become better versions of themselves. It's a no-brainer, get yourself to Light Lounge and experience for yourself what red light therapy can do for you!
Caitlin Mccormick
I struggle with endometriosis, this causes extreme flare ups of inflammation and pain. Jude recommended I try this out as a potential relief to my condition. He was very informative about the science and made me very comfortable for my first visit! I was on day 3 of an endo flare-up when I came in today and had a noticeable decline in pain as well as an overall relaxation of my muscles. I am excited to continue this as a therapy option in the future.
Lori Hanson
Love the Littleton Light Lounge! Dan and Laura take amazing care of their clients. And the pod treatments help in so many ways, from subtle healing on my "gut issues" over several months to immediately noticeable results on spider bites. This is powerful technology that your cells, brain and health will thank you for!
Shannon Hendricks
I love it here. I was suffering from seasonal disorder and body pain and this place helps 100%! The staff is really nice and they keep the place very clean. I feel very lucky to have this place in Evergreen! Thank you!
I fell asleep. I never fall asleep. It felt amazing. Try it!
Hey there everyone! If you haven’t checked this place out already you need to! A new and upcoming tool to add to your health care this technology gives you results. I’ve been coming for a couple months now and can really tell the difference with my arthritis and inflammation. So give it a try. You won’t regret it!
Mike Bobbitt
Been reading about red light therapy for years, and finally jumped on the bandwagon. Hoping for good things with my back pain. Staff was very helpful in giving me the briefing on the process. Signed up for a membership!
Rachel Reiman
The light lounge in Littleton was a fantastic experience. Dan and Laura really take care of you and educate you about the benefits of light therapy. I have never felt better. In such a short amount of time. My inflammation in my joints is significantly diminished. I give this place two thumbs up.
laura thapthimkuna
Laura & Dan are so incredibly courteous and knowledgeable. It’s absolutely a must if you need a place to heal and relax. Truly can’t recommend this place enough, it’s such a hidden gem.
Matt Schrock
I love the Littleton Light Lounge. Dan and Laura are very warm and welcoming and help you learn about red light therapy. The environment is relaxing and calm. It’s a must experience.

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Recover. Restore. Renew.

Contact us today to schedule your free session.

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Recover, Restore, Renew

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

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