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A group of older people in hiking gear celebrating the effects of contour light therapy in Boulder, CO.
Red Light Weight Loss in Boulder, CO

Relieve Spine Pressure

Learn how red light therapy in Boulder, CO may support weight loss efforts.

Red Light Weight Loss in Boulder, CO

We are pleased to utilize red light therapy as a research–backed, safe way to support weight loss.

A healthy diet and regular exercise are crucial to losing or maintaining weight. However, research has shown that more tools can assist with shedding fat cells and working toward a healthy lifestyle.

Red light therapy is a growing field that can support your body by decreasing the number of fat cells present and increasing your energy levels. (LINK to Weight Loss pillar page) Red light therapy can significantly reduce pressure on the spine and back as an alternative pain management solution.

By decreasing pain and inflammation and increasing energy, you can naturally improve personal health through diet and exercise. Light Lounge Boulder 28th St is the leading, research-backed company for those looking to try red light weight loss in Boulder, CO.

Red Light Therapy and Cells

While the research behind red light therapy and its correlation with weight loss continues to grow and expand, one thing is abundantly clear: red light therapy promotes cellular health.

Boost Collagen Production

One of the ways red light promotes cellular health is by boosting the presence of collagen in cells. Collagen is a protein that has gained popularity in the past decade for its beneficial effects on skin and nails. It also helps the body heal from injuries and replace damaged tissue.

By boosting the collagen in your cells, red light therapy helps your body heal faster and reduces recovery time after injuries. Additionally, boosting collagen can aid in muscle recovery post-workout. When increasing your exercise routine for weight loss, the added collagen and light therapy can promote fat-burning in your cells. Exercising can be more enjoyable if your body doesn’t ache while you work to keep it healthy.

An image of a man on a hike, enjoying excercising after red light weight loss in Boulder, CO.
An older man hiking and enjoying the increased energy of red light weight loss in Boulder, CO.

Increase Energy

By decreasing inflammation, light therapy also reduces oxidative stress in the body. This type of stress is thought to contribute to weight gain and obesity due to its effects on hunger hormones and metabolism.

We often eat or crave certain foods because we need an energy boost. Food works to fuel our bodies and keep cells functioning properly. This is why focusing on nutrient-rich foods is critical to overall health. Eating regular, healthy meals and indulging strategically in foods with high sugar and unhealthy fat content can lead to the balanced lifestyle required to sustain weight loss.

Light therapy can increase cellular energy levels, decreasing the desire to reach for foods that will spike blood sugar and contribute to weight gain. Red light that enters tissues is absorbed by a cell’s mitochondria and converted to a compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This compound is responsible for stimulating cell function, which can aid in restoring energy levels throughout the body.

Light therapy combined with healthy eating has also been shown to reduce insulin resistance and balance your metabolism. Finally, studies have shown that red light therapy can target stubborn fat areas and work to reduce waist circumference when combined with a healthy diet.

While light therapy alone is not a permanent solution for obesity or weight loss, it can help support your weight loss journey and encourage the targeted shedding of fat cells. Light Lounge offers excellent treatment packages to introduce red light weight loss in Boulder, CO.

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Red Light Therapy for Enhanced Weight Loss

Spine and Lower Back Health

Back and spine injuries often make exercising an impossible chore, which can pose an obstacle when making the necessary lifestyle changes for weight loss. Red light therapy increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, and supports cell healing to recover from injuries.

Back injuries can occur after straining repetitively for long days, weeks, and even years. Losing weight can take pressure off your back and spine, but you need a healthy back to exercise regularly and promote weight loss.

Red light therapy is a non-invasive alternative procedure for surgery that utilizes light and heat to encourage cell repair. The light stimulates blood flow to bring oxygen-rich blood to areas affected by pain and injury. By increasing circulation, red light brings more nutrients to affected areas while promoting the removal of toxins and waste that can inhibit healing.

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An essential part of reducing pain is reducing inflammation. Inflammation is the immune system’s response to infection and injury, but too much inflammation can cause additional discomfort. Red light therapy encourages cell repair, allowing the body to slow the inflammatory response and prevent the cycle of inflammation from attacking healthy cells when the body is attempting to heal.

Red light therapy has also been proven to reduce chronic inflammation and swelling caused by chronic illness or genetic disorders such as Osteoarthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Bursitis. By working to heal the body, patients have often observed an increased range of motion and speedier recovery time.

You can focus on building healthy habits when your back and spine feel healthy and pain-free. Participating in strength training and targeted exercise programs can maintain weight and keep your back and spine healthy for the long term. Red light can be essential in cell health and pain management, keeping you healthy and exercising year-round.

A man stretching his back, made possible through red light weight loss in Boulder, CO.
A woman enjoying the benefits of red light therapy at Light Lounge Boulder 28th St.

Red Light Weight Loss in Boulder, CO
Light Lounge Boulder 28th St Makes a Difference

Red light therapy is a non-invasive procedure that can help anyone looking to manage pain and encourage cell health. Adding a visit to Light Lounge can assist you in your weight loss journey by increasing cellular energy levels, decreasing inflammation, and working to support your healthy diet and exercise habits.

Light Lounge Boulder 28th St utilizes FDA-approved light beds to ensure you get the healthiest and safest treatment. With over 500 clinical trials and countless lab studies, red light therapy has shown to be an effective and beneficial procedure to promote cell healing and support you on your wellness journey.

If you are looking for red light weight loss in Boulder, CO, look no further than Light Lounge. Our professionals can work with you to target stubborn fat areas and support your weight loss journey. Call for an appointment today!

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Recover. Restore. Renew.

Contact us today to schedule your free session of phototherapy in Boulder to boost your mental health.

Recover. Restore. Renew.

Contact us today to schedule your free session of phototherapy in Boulder to boost your mental health.

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Light Therapy

Why Light Therapy

Light Therapy (or Photobiomodulation) is a non-invasive treatment that decreases oxidation, lowers inflammation, and helps your body stay healthy at the cellular level.

Clinically Proven

Over 500 clinical trials and over 4,000 laboratory studies have proven Light Therapy to be effective with no side effects. It can improve performance and heal tissues to treat the source of pain.

FDA Approved

Light Lounge™ uses only FDA approved medical grade light beds to ensure that you get the best treatment available on the market.


"The Light Lounge has been my savior. I had a bad ski accident about two years ago and I wasn't healing well. By the 5th session the pain was gone."

Lisa Marie

"I was referred to Light Lounge by my physical therapist, I would absolutely recommend this to family and friends."


"I have been coming to Light Lounge almost every day for two years. The joint pain I used to get in my shoulders is gone."


"I have had issues with my blood pressure for a little over two years. It comes down for about 3 days after I have been to Light Lounge."


"In the last year and a half I have had two knee replacement surgeries on the same knee. I had been frustrated with my pain and recovery, that's when I found Light Lounge. I no longer have to strongly rely on my opioid medication."


When light that is in the red, near infrared, and infrared spectra is applied to the body, inflammation and pain are decreased, and healing is accelerated. Light therapy does this by reducing excessive oxidative stress at the cellular level with no documented nor reported negative side effects.

From folks who are suffering from chronic pain (light therapy can alleviate pain without drugs) to people who want to get more out of their training (light therapy can help increase performance and decrease recovery time).

Clinical trials and 4000 laboratory studies demonstrate that light therapy (also called photobiomodulation) has no negative side effects. It has been proven to heal soft tissue injuries, help with TBI, relieve pain without using harmful drugs and painkillers. For more evidence based information please see our BLOG.

To book the therapy session, please click here and schedule your time. First session is FREE!

Light Lounge is now in several locations! Please visit our Locations Page to see where you can visit a Light Lounge.

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  • Ruth C.
    This red light therapy experience was one of the best I’ve ever had! The environment was clean and welcoming. Would recommend!
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    While I was skeptical of light therapy at first, I was shocked by the many benefits that it provided! Light Lounge offers treatment for a variety of issues you may have, I advise looking into it today!
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    Great establishment, very peaceful.
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    Light Lounge Boulder is a great place. I had some terrible rheumatism before my visits. I really appreciate their services!
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    Give Light Lounge Boulder a try. Great place, and great people.
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    My rheumatism has lessened significantly! That’s Light Lounge Boulder!
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    An incredibly relaxing & clean atmosphere
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    Great lighting and very red
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    I'll be sure to stop by again when possible!!
  • Debbi M.
    PLEASE MAKE SURE MY LAST NAME IS CHANGED TO JUST M. I was dealing with systemic inflammation that was quite bad. This began to change after a couple of months and now I can safely say it is now under control. I attribute this to my sessions in the Light Pod. The folks there are great and the place is calm and clean. I am grateful to have found Light Lounge.

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